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As a team, Deborah and Shira bring a breadth of experience in women’s health to Inspiration In Colour, with combined backgrounds in registered nursing, midwifery, reflexology and lymphatic drainage practice. Both are passionate about a holistic approach to wellness and in supporting women through all stages of life, and the ups and downs in health these stages can bring.

 The Encouragement Cards were created as an extension of their clinical practice, which supports setting goals, prioritising health and managing ‘busy-ness’ with balance - to support women achieve a sense of calm, serenity and balance (whatever that may be for you!). 

Encouragement Card sets are themed – for an age or stage of life. Inspiration In Colour are looking forward to developing Encouragement Card sets that will focus on support during perimenopause, for those on a cancer journey, for HSC Students and many more. Please contact us if you have suggestions for a Card set that is specific to your health or life-stage journey.

Dr Deborah Sims Wellness Coordinator

A registered nurse and registered midwife, Deborah is experienced in women’s emotional health and wellness, and supports women on their health journey through all life stages (adolescence, antenatal, postnatal, dysmenorrhea, cancer, perimenopause and aging).

Shira Halberstadt Reflexologist & RLD

Shira is a certified Clinical Reflexologist and a Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage practitioner. She provides an holistic approach to supporting women on their health journey (through pregnancy, menopause, Breast Cancer, Lymphedema and more).

At Women's Health Road, a multidisciplinary team who specialise in women’s healthcare, we journey with you, sharing in your joy and sadness in loss. Our team of clinicians and specialist create an integrated model with each woman and her family at the heart of care.

Giving back

Our team at Inspiration in Colour believe that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. One of the ways that we support access and opportunity for everyone is our planned giving program. We donate one dollar of every purchase to those in greatest need.

For the month of January, in theme of new beginnings, we will make a financial contribution to
The Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter

Thank you for your purchase which will contribute to our donation and to making lives better.

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